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I think that in September even adults go “back to school.” When the holidays end, we think at the things we’ve done and the things we have to do, we make plans, prepare the schedule and list the things we need.
I remember that when I was a little girl, there was a sort of ritual that took place with reverence more or less in this period, and consisted in the “stuff for school” shopping. My parents brought me and my brother to Upim, or Standa (these are the names of two big stores, very popular in Italy in the 80s, and now almost disappeared. It was before the “mall time”) in order to buy notebooks, backpack, pens and so on. But there were two things that interested me the most: the pencil-case (the ones with the zipper, full of markers and crayons) and the diary. Researchers say that the way that more than anyone else opens the door to the memories is the sense of smell, because it is connected with the limbic system, and therefore closely related with the emotions.
I’m not surprised of it! For me, the sense of smell has always been crucial, especially in relationships. If someone has a personal smell that I don’t like, this means that he or she isn’t good for me.  And if I try to ignore this important chemical signal that reaches my conscious ego from the oldest part of my brain, well God help me! I found myself stuck in unlikely relationships with people I’ve nothing in common with. “It would have been easier if you had listened to your istinct, if you had followed your nose, but no! You wanted to insist, reflect, be efficient. Serves you right!” I inevitably say to myself later. But I’m disgressing! I was telling about the smell. Yesterday I went to the Mall and I saw the stationery department, crowded with mothers and children, parents, grandparents, all intent to buy “stuff for school.” While I was approaching, there it is! That smell!  How to define it? Maybe it’s the smell of brand new paper, fresh printing, plastic and cloth for backpaks and baskets, or is it the smell of paint, wax crayons, solvent markers…
And suddenly here I am, turned into a little girl! Suddently I’m too short to reach the highest shelves, and I go around, between the shelves, in search of the perfect pencil case, the one with the ruler inside, or maybe even with the round tip scissors! Here I am! A chubby girl with pigtails held up by rubber bands that ended with small colored beads. A child who often went astray through those shelves, but didn’t realize it either, because she was too busy to wonder.
Once I came back home I started a small creative project for “back to school” challenge in myEtsy Team.
I naturally thought of a pen-case!
At the moment there are only some flower-shaped buttons and little bees that I will probabily use to close the pencil-case:

For the body I was thinking of using felt, but i don’t know yet.
In the meanwhile, I noticed that when I “create”, I’m very untidy. The work surface, small in itself, is very cluttered with stuff!

Well, in this picture here you cannot see all the mess that’s around! Just think that in order to choose the “perfect” colour for my flowers, I scattered on the bed all my polymer clay pakages!
And where do you create? How is your creative space? Are you messy or methodical? I’d like to see some photos of your work table!

Have a good back to school!


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