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[Italian Version]

I’ve always thought that there are crazy and ingenious minds inside the Etsy Italia Team, and this time they have confirmed it with this new initiative: Love Guerrilla!

All tou have to do is choose two Etsy Shop, an Italian one and a foreigner one, and promote them by all means and with all possible channels. The purpose: spreading love for handmade and sharing things and artists we love.

A wonderful, crazy initiative to which I could not participate!

And now, my “victims”!

Among the Italian artists, I chose Paola shop:  http://www.etsy.com/shop/atelierpompadour?ref=ss_profile

I think that paola is a wonderful artist. If you look her creations you have no doubts: this woman loves what she does. From the materials to the technical, from the subjects to the delicacy to the richness of the details, everything fits perfectly to create small masterpieces.

Mice are my favorite, but her whole shop is a real poem!

The other “victim” is Chris Kapono, an artist from St. Louis and this is her shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/MandarinMoon?ref=pr_shop_more

Chris is an artist of polymer clay, with which she creates truly unique items.

The thing that fascinates me the most when I discovered her works is the way she treates the surfaces and the textures, incorporating objects, using pigments, combining together organic shapes and geometric forms.

Chris creates boxes, jewelry, decorations, ornaments … well, she  can actuallycarry her creativity in every area. For a lover of polymer clay, Chris is surely a source of inspiration and a model to aim for.

Hoping I’ve been able to share with you some of the admiration I feel for these artists, I invite you to visit their pages, their blogs and their shops.

Handmade is having a difficult time because the cost of materials has increased and the economical crisis does not allow us to buy all the things we like, but love is free, people! So, love, love, love, and share!

If you want to participate to the Love Guerrilla, take a look here, where you can find all the instructions: http://www.etsy.com/teams/5056/etsy-italia/discuss/9468290/page/1/

Nice Handmade Love Guerrilla everyone!

Paola’s blog: http://creativititychannel.blogspot.com/

Chris’ blog: http://mandarinmoonart.blogspot.com/


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These are two items that I’ve donated to the EIT Charity Shop. I called the first one “Heart Stone” because, well…you can see it! It’s made of semiprecious stones (mostly Agate stones) and liquid polymer clay.  All around there’s a wire caston. Every item for this charity selling has an heart shape because GECA takes care of young people affected by heart deseases.

The chain is adjustable and has four possible lenght to choose from.

I like the light of this piece and the fact that the liquid clay creates a translucent base for my stones!

The second donation is called “Polymer Heart” and it refers to one of my passions: 8guess what?) polymer clay!

I realized this one with a solid Kato Polyclay black base and a thin layer of golden leaf. On the top, there’s a thinner layer of translucent clay (I found that ToDo Clay is the most transparent of all! Perfect for golden/silver/copper leaf works!).

The pendant is reversible, so one can chose from time to time if wear a black heart on white background, or the complementary combination. Furthermore, it’s divided into three parts, so one can shuffle them and create new patterns.

I’m very proud for the gift-bag too:

You can find both items here, in the Etsy Italia Team Charity Shop:


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