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Press Release

It’s now open the first GECA ONLUS Charity Campaign launched by Etsy Italia Team.
Etsy Italia Team, along with all its contributors, has decided to dedicate a charity campaign to GECA ONLUS, a no profit association born to sustain and help people affected by hereditary cardiac deseases, and their families.
From July 9 to September 9 in our charity shop you can buy the beautiful hearts handmade by our team. At the end of the campaign the entire amount of the donations raised will be given to GECA ONLUS.


Etsy Italia is bound to this association because it takes care of ARVD patients, a desease that affects a young friend and a very active member of our team.

ARVD (Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Dysplasia) is a rare genetic heart desease that causes arrhytmia. Its diagnosis ins’t simple and is unfortunately a not much known and often underestimated pathology.
In general its symptoms appear during the adolescence and the first adult age (15-25 years). The main symptoms include irregular heartbeats, cardiac decompensation and sudden blackouts.

It’s a progressive desease but it can manifest itself with sudden death as first “symptom”. GECA works also to sustain and promote a correct prevention.
To know more about this desease, please visit our EtsyitaliaTeam Blog and read the story of Vera, written by herself:


– EIT Charity Shop: www.etsy.com/shop/EtsyItaliaTeam
– Etsy Italia Team: www.etsy.com/teams/5056/etsy-italia/
– Etsy Italia Team Blog: etsyitaliateam.blogspot.com/
– GECA ONLUS: gecaonlus.altervista.org/

EtsyItaliaTeam has been the first Sellers Italian Team set up on Etsy.


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