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During my long “career” as a hobbyist, I found that with some creations the creative process is very fast, it’s as if everything were to some extent already decided, while others will need to stay there, I have to try and try again, until it reaches a result that I like.
For me, there are always some creations “work in progress” because I never feel fullysatisfied. I cannot decide whether it is a good or a bad thing!
In this post I will show two of my accomplishments that belong to the two categories described above: the “easy” ones, and the “difficult” ones.
For the first one process was fast, for the other one  the process took me almost two weeks.
Here’s the first: a rigid polymer clay cuff bracelet inspired by Halloween.
Do you remember it? I shown you the work “in progress” last week:

Well, believe it or not, a few hours after this shot, the bracelet was complete.
I made it in one go, the pieces fit one to another to perfection. You may like this piece of jewelry or not, but looking back, I know I wouldn’t change anything of this creation.

Working with polymer clay being insecure about the result can turn into an odyssey because if you are not convinced you have two choices: you can cook it all the same (with the risk of having an object that just doesn’t satisfy you, and you don’t know how to use), or you can leave it uncooked waiting for inspiration … it can take months! And in the meantime, the creation is exposed to dust, air, dirt and so on!

Concerning the “difficult” creation, I’ve shown you a preview of this work in the September 1st post:

The starting point was to use flowers and bees as a catch, but regarding the pouch “body”, I struggled a lot. At first I imagined a very complex thing, with a lawn on which there were several felt decorations and a yellow sun. At last, I created this:

I finished just in time for the Challenge Etsy Italia Team, which closed yesterday! So I ran to take photos, edit them and publish the listing!

And what about you? How does your creative process work? Do you make sketches, drawings, or go along the way?

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